Young Pregnant Female


There are many benefits to Hypnobirthing – here are just a few:

Reduced Pain

By understanding the relationship between fear and pain, mothers can learn to relax during labour and allow their bodies to do what they were designed to do. All of this leads to reduced levels of pain. Almost half of hypnobirthing mums have no pain relief during labour.

Reduced Medical Intervention

The need for surgical or pharmaceutical interventions are greatly reduced with many hypnobirthing mums giving birth without any interventions. hypnobirths can take place at home, in a birthing pool or at hospitals.

Shorter Labour Time

Studies have shown that the length of labour can be reduced by on average 33% in mothers using hypnobirthing techniques.

Remain in Control

Using the techniques you have learned in your CalmBirth classes, you will feel confident and in control of your birth experience. Knowledge is power and using the knowledge gained you will be able to discuss your birth with the professionals and know when to ask questions and when it is necessary.

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