Exam nerves

Could hypnotherapy help students of Leicester & Loughborough at exam time?

Today’s education system asserts an immense amount of pressure on students. Terms like exam nerves or exam stress, that were never heard in the past, have become common today.

There has been an ever-increasing expectation from students to perform better. Some students study for the whole year, but at exam time they tend to freeze. It can feel as if they have never learnt anything. This condition is sometimes known as ‘performance anxiety’. As the name suggests, performance anxiety is a condition that affects performance on a given task. Stress levels can get so high that even normal functioning is difficult.

It happens quite often with students during exam times. Students in Leicester & Loughborough need not worry though as hypnotherapy can help them beat performance anxiety / exam stress. Let’s see how hypnotherapy can help you can beat exam stress:

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment to deal with exam anxiety. First, the client’s problems and concerns are assessed by the hypnotherapist. Then, he/she calms you down using relaxation techniques to get access to your subconscious. Under this relaxed and calm state, the therapist suggests some practical and effective strategies for studying and coping during stressful situations. It also includes visualisation techniques which have been proven to help athletes and sports professionals perform to their maximum potential . There maybe as few as two sessions required but four to six sessions is more common.

How to beat exam stress through hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been tried and tested for many years and has proven to be very effective, with studies showing that with with treatment more students achieve their expected or predicted results. Here are some of the ways, it can help you beat exam stress:

  • It helps you form habits

You can make the best of your last few days of exam preparation. Positive hypnotic suggestions can help you form sound study habits. They help you get your focus back to studies. Your mind will be trained to study regularly everyday, which will prove to be tremendous assistance.

  • It makes you visualise the exams

Even thinking about the exam day can be stressful for some students. This is where hypnosis can prove to be extremely helpful. Through effective relaxation techniques, it desensitises you to the exam day. Feelings of calm and relaxation are induced in the hypnotic sessions that battle exam anxiety on the day of the exam. The student becomes less anxious when thinking about exam days, thus less anxious on the actual day itself.

  • It suggests effective time management strategies

Hypnosis can give you the motivation to manage your time effectively during the exam time. The hypnotherapist, having access to your subconscious can suggest time saving techniques according to your individual needs.

Does it work?

Hypnotherapy is very quick and effective. Research has shown that it has helped students deal with exam anxiety and achieve their full potential.  If you are a student, do not hesitate to get help for your exam stress. It can help you cope with the increasing tensions and anxiety surrounding the exam time. You can rest assured that this is one of the best ways to cope with exam stress.

If you’d like to try hypnotherapy yourself or would just like further information on how it could help you, why not contact Therapy Services for a free initial consultation on 01509 769137 / 07584 247099 or email info@therapyservices.org.uk book any session this May & receive a 10% discount on sessions booked.