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Exam nerves

Could hypnotherapy help students of Leicester & Loughborough at exam time?

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Today’s education system asserts an immense amount of pressure on students. Terms like exam nerves or exam stress, that were never heard in the past, have become common today. There has been an ever-increasing expectation from students to perform better. Some students study for the whole year, but at exam time they tend to freeze. […]

Help from counsellor

Private Counselling in Leicester

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Benefits of private counselling in Leicester We all face emotional problems at one time or another in our lives. These problems may vary greatly but can include anxiety & depression. Visiting a private counsellor in Leicester has proved to be an effective solution to deal with mental health issues. Simply put, counselling is a kind […]

Couples in Counselling

Can Couples Counselling help Leicester Couples?

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Let’s face it – marriages are tricky. After years of living together, the relationship may go stale or there might be a rough patch. The basic issue that underlies all relationship problems is ‘lack of communication’ and the couples counsellor’s at Therapy Services job is to address this very issue. So does it really work? […]

The NCS – PSA Accredited Register

How do I know my therapist is a qualified professional?

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There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right therapist for you: Do they practise the type of therapy you are looking for? Are you able to get to their office or do they offer options such as online or phone therapy? Do you prefer a male or female therapist? Is the age […]

New Year New You

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Need help with your New Year’s resolutions? 3 days into the New Year, how are your New Year’s resolutions going? We all know how it goes: January 1st – feel positive (maybe after the hangover has worn off!) starting making a whole list of New Year’s resolutions. Go out and buy a room full of expensive […]

Father, Daughter and Grandchild

Do I need bereavement counselling?

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Following the death of someone significant in our lives, we all experience different types and intensities of grief. Whilst most of us will grieve at some point in our lives, not all of us will require bereavement counselling to help cope with that grief. So how do you know if you need bereavement counselling? And […]