Couples in Counselling

Can Couples Counselling help Leicester Couples?

Let’s face it – marriages are tricky. After years of living together, the relationship may go stale or there might be a rough patch. The basic issue that underlies all relationship problems is ‘lack of communication’ and the couples counsellor’s at Therapy Services job is to address this very issue. So does it really work? Can the couples in Leicester improve their relationships by attending marriage counselling at Therapy Services? Let’s first take a look at what couples counselling is and isn’t.

Couples Counselling – what is it?

Couples counselling, also referred to as marriage counselling, is a form of therapy which aims to improve the relationship of a couple. The counsellor’s job is to bring up issues that arise between the couple and help them to resolve those issues as the process proceeds. At the end of each session, couples often are assigned some activities by the counsellor.

What it isn’t

Relationship counselling isn’t magic. Your counsellor will not tell you what to do or where your marriage is headed. It isn’t about getting the perfect strategy to get your marriage to work. It is a process to facilitate effective communication between the couple. The counsellor, being a neutral person, will address concerns disturbing the both of you and will try to open channels of communication.

What really happens in a session?

Entering into marriage counselling may be an intimidating experience. Discussing your most private problems with a stranger may feel uncomfortable for you. Then there is the fear that the therapist will take sides with your partner. But once you enter couples counselling, you realise that the therapist is specifically trained to be impartial. They try to give equal time to each of the partners to explain how their feeling. The therapist will make sure that each party has put its points forward and will quickly assess the situation, in order to steer the session in the right direction.

Does it help?

Relationship counselling takes a holistic approach to solving your marriage problems. It delves deep into each of the participants’ lives and explores issues that they might not have thought about before. From jealousy to issues with the in-laws, it puts each aspect of your marriage on the table for discussion. What it does is that it helps to put things into perspective. Talking about how you feel can make the other person understand your point of view. It brings you both back on the same page and that is what couples counselling is all about. After a number of sessions, the therapist play less and less of a role in the therapy and the couple is ready to take charge and communicate effectively on their own.

It means that you care!

Agreeing to see a marriage counsellor means that you want to make an effort to save your marriage. It shows your willingness to give it your best shot which, in itself, is an indicator of your commitment.  Therefore, for all the couples in Leicester that are facing problems with their marriage or relationship should consider Therapy Services’s relationship counselling service as a suitable way to resolve such matters.

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