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Private Counselling in Leicester

Benefits of private counselling in Leicester

We all face emotional problems at one time or another in our lives. These problems may vary greatly but can include anxiety & depression. Visiting a private counsellor in Leicester has proved to be an effective solution to deal with mental health issues. Simply put, counselling is a kind of therapy that lets a person talk about his/her feelings and as a result of that, gain some perspective. Counsellors at Therapy Services in Leicester are professionally trained to listen to your issues with empathy (putting themselves in your shoes). They have used new and advanced techniques, which have been proven to help people get rid of their negative thoughts and feelings. If you are suffering, have anxiety or depression, private counselling could be the best way forward.

Why Private Counselling?

More and more people in the UK are opting for a private counsellor. Private counsellors give you choice and freedom. Although a bit more expensive, they give you an individualised treatment plan that is lacking in public counselling. Let’s take a look at the benefits of finding a counsellor in Leicester.

Private counselling minimises the waiting time

People suffering from any kind of mental health problem are unable to function properly in their daily life. It is important that they get immediate counselling. Public care systems or GP referrals may include up to a six month waiting list before you can start counselling. Imagine a person having depressive symptoms waiting for six months, this might worsen his/her condition. This is where private counselling comes in. You can immediately find a therapist near you in Leicester and receive timely counselling sessions.

Private counselling gives you more choices

The choice of therapists and mode of treatment creates a significant difference to the effectiveness of counselling. You can talk to a counsellor before seeing him/her, ask about his/her credentials and find out if the models of therapy he/she uses will suit you. It gives you a sense of comfort before entering any kind of therapy. It is a self-assurance of what you are going to get. Private counsellors in Leicester are more flexible in providing you with the therapy you need.

Private Counsellors give you more time

Unlike public counselling sessions, which are short and cater to a large number of clients, private counselling sessions provide a personalised service and therapists provide ample time to to clients. The clients control the duration of private counselling sessions which allow them to terminate the sessions when they are ready. This gives them a feeling of being in control. They get a sense of being a part of the therapeutic process which is a great help in their recovery. So what are you waiting for, find a counsellor today, contact Therapy Services who can help you out with your troubles.

Finding a private counsellor in Leicester

Getting ready to accept that you need help may be difficult. You may have doubts about the effectiveness of counselling. Do not feel ashamed, as we all need help at some point in our lives. Research has shown that counselling helps drastically. If you think you are suffering from any kind of distress, find a therapist today, who can address your concerns. You can contact Therapy Services on 01509 769137 to discuss how we might be able to help, or to book a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your needs and worries. Over the years, private counsellors in Leicester have helped people pass through rough times and enabled them to cope with their mental health problems. You too can take the first step to a new, happier you.